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MPAD Landscape tailors its scope of service for each project to meet the individual needs of each client. We believe that both hardscape design and plantings design need to be in character and harmony with the architectural style and natural or manmade on site conditions. We believe that the hardscape and landscape need to be of lasting and unique beauty that withstands the test of time. Landscape design,unlike that of all building or an interior space where once the work is complete, it is a static piece hopefully requiring little or no revision, is a living, breathing creation. It changes over time; you cannot treat it as finished and there are many variables that affect its overall success; including sun,soil,wind,water and of course maintenance. Today's landscape architecture is about removing the traditional boundaries of the dwelling and not just planting shade trees,foundations shrubs,and a big lawn to frame the postcard image but about integrating all of the land we have into useful space that we can inhabit and enjoy. Our focus is to create a beautiful extension of your home,one that you can inhabit and enjoy in the same way as you would any other room in your house.

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